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Daiwa Freams
Reels - Spin Light

Daiwa freams

The new Freams is simply an instrument to fish, it overflows with innovations and signifies the future of the modern spinning reel.

Daiwa's primary design motivation in redeveloping the spinning reel was to exclude water. Given the spinning reels popularity amongst anglers fishing marine waters, sealing was a major goal in taking these reels to the next level. No leakage would mean no corrosion, longer life and better performance.


Daiwa Certate
Reels - Spin Medium

Daiwa certate2The new Certate heralds a giant leap forward in design, revolving around one ground breaking material � magnetic fluid. Developed by NASA to magnetically deliver fuel to space ships, this technology has now been adapted to Daiwa's latest flagship spinning reel.

Being magnetized this lubrication system avoids any friction and prevents dust intrusion, eliminating oil spray and significantly improving reel life expectancy.

Snowbee XSD 7/8
Reels - Fly

This fabulous new reel offers XS performance at an entry-level price. The quality die-cast frame is formed from lightweight alloy, which is then powder coated & oven baked for a tough, chip & saltwater resistant finish. The drag system is identical to that used in the well proven XS reels and features the same multi-disc Stainless steel & Broflon drag system. Never before has there been a reel of this performance at this price. In common with the XS Cartridge reel, we are initially offering this model in the most popular #780 size, but this will be followed by other sizes in the range. It also comes, either as an individual Reel with a single cartridge spool, or as the new Reel/Spool combination, which consists of an XSD Cartridge Reel body, with 5 Cartridge Spools, all packed in a neat 5-Reel/Spool Bag. Ideal for inshore pelagics and estuary.
Shimano TLD 25
Reels - Overhead

Shimano's TLD reels are arguably the most versatile lever drags around. Great for light to medium tackle game fishing, they also make pretty good casting reels. Place a thumb on the spool, flip the lever back to the �free' position and fi re away. Perfect for use out of a boat, off the rocks, or anywhere that big, fast fish live. They are simply brilliant on small marlin and sails, mackerel, wahoo, yellowtail kingfish, yellowfin tuna and albacore, greenback tailor and cobia.Their small size and light weight makes them great for newcomers to the sport and junior anglers as well. In fact, they are the lightest reels of their kind on the market. When it comes to live baiting, the TLD series' excellent free-spool and lever drag system lets your quarry eat the bait unhindered. Engage the ratchet and overruns are a thing of the past as well.

Daiwa Opus Bull
Reels - Spin Large

The rigors of wild destinations, sand, salt, sun and the chance of big fish encounters are lapped up by the new Daiwa Opus Bull saltwater threadlines. These full metal construction large high capacity reels are ideal for jigging, poppering or heavy boat fishing. They offer a full range of Daiwa's hottest features like Airbail, Twistbuster and ABS at an unbelievably hot price.

This year Daiwa also release matched and balanced Opus Bull rods to compliment these brilliant reels.

Shimano Curado 200 E5
Reels - Baitcaster

The Curado E5 series is reminiscent of a high performance Jaguar sport car - featuring a metallic British racing green finish and smooth flowing curves, a return to the colour that defined the Curado in a class of it's own as one of the world's best selling baitcasters. Good looks and features aren't just skin deep either, all models feature lightweight aluminium frames with graphite side-plates, an aircraft grade aluminium magnumlite spool, high effi ciency gearing and feature no less than 7 silky smooth bearings. Suitable for bass or wrestling an impoundment barra from the timber.

Daiwa Aird
Reels - Spin Light

Daiwa airdAird is Daiwa's latest most feature packed reel Daiwa has ever developed in this price range. Built on a solid corrosion resistant graphite frame and side plate, Aird uses many of our innovations like Digigear, ABS, Airbail and Twistbuster in the Aird to deliver class leading performance without breaking the bank balance. Aird is unique amongst Daiwa reels as each comes with an alternative sized spool so you can expand your fishing horizons with optional line weights.


Shimano Biocraft XT 7/8
Reels - Fly

For those wanting to chase small Tuna and other inshore pelagics, the shimano Biocraft is sure to be popular with all saltwater fishermen. It spins on an A-RB bearing and a roller bearing, with Super Stopper II to eliminate back play, and has an easily accessed external drag adjustment. What's more, it can be easily swapped from right to left-hand wind and there's a push-button takedown system for routine maintenance and cleaning. The Biocraft XT also comes in smaller models ideal for trout, bream, flathead, snapper and other inshore pelagic fish like Salmon, Tailor and Kingfish.

Daiwa Sealine SLT
Reels - Game

  • Unique dual-disc wet drag system applies pressure to both sides of the brake rotor and offers 50% more drag surface for ultra smooth, fade free performance
  • Sealed SIS Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings (CRBB)
  • Unitized One piece aluminium frame
  • Machined aluminium spool
  • Selective 2 speed retrieve
  • Aluminium rod clamp and stainless steel reel foot
  • click selector
Daiwa Saltiga Surf
Reels - Spin Large

Built to Saltiga standards, the new Saltiga Surf models are specifically designed for optimum surf fishing performance with today's super braids.

The first thing you'll notice is the weight, more the lack of it. The lightweight Air Metal magnesium body is ion treated to prevent corrosion, yet is incredibly strong and built to withstand the punishment of surf and rock fishing conditions.

Daiwa Emblem Pro 5500A
Reels - Spin Large

In 2008 Daiwa upgrades the long running Emblem Pro with all new specifications including new colour, machined aluminium handle, extra large rubber knob and new bearings, to improve the already ideal design.

Emblems huge diameter spool was designed for maximum casting distance and superior drag performance. On top of this the Emblem boasts one of the highest retrieve rates of any reel, at a blazing 122 cm's per turn of the handle, but with a slow gear ratio, this is achieved by a huge spool diameter and cross wrapping the line. Thus it is easier to crank than a standard high speed reel.

Shimano Calcutta
Reels - Baitcaster

Featuring a richer gold anodising, the Calcutta B is more saltwater resistant than ever before. Each model features a larger style handle with rubberised grips, Super Stopper, Assist Stopper, and run smoothly on three of Shimano's patented A-RB Bearings plus one roller bearing. Another handy feature on the 200B is the quick release mechanism and drop-down side plate that gives access to the adjustable VBS casting brake blocks for when an angler's casting improves or if casting into the wind.