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Samaki Battle Blade
Metal Lures

BattleBladesThe amazing fish catching ability of the all new Samaki Battle Blades are set to dramatically increase catch rates all around Australia.

Available in a range of hand selected colours and a variety of sizes, Samaki Battle Blades have proven successful on a wide variety of Australian estuary and fresh water species including bream, flathead, mulloway, whiting, bass and yellow belly just to name a few.

Samaki Groover
Metal Lures

Groover jigOur hugely popular Samaki Groover Jigs are fast becoming legendary among deep water jigging fanatics. Centre balanced with an enticing action Groover jigs flutter seductively on their decent, resulting in many hookups occurring on the drop. Groover jigs come in 200, 240 and 280 gram weights and are available in 8 different fish attracting colours each featuring the highest quality Japanese reflective paper with hard clear coat.

If you're serious about deep water jigging you simply must have a selection of Groover jigs in your jig bag.

Daiwa Emeraldas MD Squid Jig
Hard Body

Daiwa squidjig2The SZ-RV is just not another jig it�s a complete eging system that  incorporates accessories to broaden the horizons of this unique jig.  Featuring two attachment points that are designed to use in conjunction  with the Agorig Sinker system and the EG-Snap , this allow for changes  in sink speed, depth and angle. By attaching the Agorig sinker to the  keel eye (see Fig 1) the jig will glide slowly at a 30 � 45 degree  angle, but when attached to an EG-Snap (see Fig 2) the lure will sink  rapidly at a 75 degree angle. This is ideal for deep water or fast  current situations.

Samaki Minx
Metal Lures

Minx jigThe baby of the Samaki jig family, but by no means a lightweight. Samaki Minx jigs have accounted for plenty of trophy fish since their introduction, thanks to their lively subsurface action. Centre weighted to assist in attracting attention during descent, with plenty of inbuilt action at a variety of retrieve speeds, Minx jigs look just like a wounded baitfish.

Minx jigs weigh 100 grams and come in a wide variety of proven colours. If you understand the importance of 'matching the hatch' on the day, then you will understand why Samaki Minx jigs are a must have for every angler.

Samaki Intruder Battle Jigs
Metal Lures

IntruderJigThe design allows these jigs to be cast and retrieved, much like a hard body lure, or slowly jigged in a more traditional fashion. In fact the design is so good at creating horizontal skirt movements from any available water currents you can simply drop an Intruder Battle Jig over a reef, place your rod in the rod holder and wait for a strike.

The super slow retrieve technique, most commonly used in Japan, has proven highly successful with the Intruder Battle Jigs in Australian waters. The traditional cast and retrieve technique used during testing saw explosive results on Jewfish, Snapper and Kingfish just to name a few. So tie one on today and give it a go, who knows what will be the next species caught on the Samaki Intruder Battle Jigs.

Angel Tackle ROSO Stick Bait
Hard Body

 gt roso

The Roso stick bait has been designed as a versatile and easy to use lure. Subject to your rod movement and winding speed this lure will perform multiple different actions.

Target species: Kingfish, Tuna, Dolphin fish, Wahoo, Sailfish, GT, and other top water species.

Daiwa Wise Minnow 50
Hard Body

Daiwa wiseminnow50The Wise Minnow imitates many of the small shad shaped baitfish that  inhabits many of our freshwater and coastal waterways. The range of  ultra realistic colors and patterns are a true testament to Japanese  perfection, these lures imitate baitfish perfectly and are highly  recommended for clear water fishing where fish are commonly intimidated  by bright or flashy colors or patterns. Its superior long casting  abilities is ideal for estuarine open flats, trundling mountain river  runs to pinpoint casting to snags for bream, trout and estuary perch.

Handmade in Japan to the highest standards, these lures feature 3D  realistic eyes, ultra sharp chemically sharpened trebles and an offset  rear hook eye to prevent line tangling and bending from impact.

Samaki Hustler
Metal Lures

Hustler jigIf you're looking for a jig with maximum descending action, then the Samaki Hustler jig series are what you need. Centre balanced it darts and spirals down through the water column in an erratic fashion which perfectly imitates the movements of a wounded baitfish. This unpredictable action causes light to bounce off the reflective coating of the jig, which in turn attracts the attention of any fish in the area.

Gekkabijin Vib 3s
Hard Body

gekkabijinvib_prdThe Gekkabijin Vib 3S is an all new �vibe�. Imitating the small shrimps that are so prevalent throughout estuaries, bays, rivers and streams, the Gekkabijin Vib 3S will definitely be one of the lures to watch on the ABT Tournament trail in 2011. Guaranteed to be a live well filler for bream, it will be equally effective on bass, trout, estuary perch or just about anything that eats small shrimp!

Unlike any other available it features a hollow plastic body, giving it a full body profile and the internal weight system causes the lure to sink nose forward to avoid snagging. On a slow crank it produces a wide wobble but speed it up and the tight high pitched wiggle attracts any predatory fish.

Handmade to the highest standards, these lures feature 3D realistic eyes, ultra sharp HD chemically sharpened treble with lifelike skirt and are painted internally with chip proof paint for an incredible lifelike finish. 

Samaki Invader Battle Jigs
Metal Lures

InvaderjigSamaki Invader Battle Jigs feature a remarkable high action lure skirt design that fish find irresistible.

Proven on a wide variety of Australian species Samaki Invader Battle Jigs have already accounted for plenty of Coral Trout, Snapper, Kingfish, Pearl Perch, Flathead and Tuna during testing, along with a host of other species.

Designed for estuary work as well as inshore and offshore reefs, Invader Battle Jigs are deadly when using a slow wind/long pause technique. Simply drop the jig past the target depth and then slowly retrieve the jig to the depth of the target school. Pause the jig at the school depth and let the affect of the current on the skirt do the rest. In no time fish will be climbing over the jig as the skirt wafts tantalisingly in the current.