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Shimano TLD 25
Reels - Overhead

Shimano's TLD reels are arguably the most versatile lever drags around. Great for light to medium tackle game fishing, they also make pretty good casting reels. Place a thumb on the spool, flip the lever back to the �free' position and fi re away. Perfect for use out of a boat, off the rocks, or anywhere that big, fast fish live. They are simply brilliant on small marlin and sails, mackerel, wahoo, yellowtail kingfish, yellowfin tuna and albacore, greenback tailor and cobia.Their small size and light weight makes them great for newcomers to the sport and junior anglers as well. In fact, they are the lightest reels of their kind on the market. When it comes to live baiting, the TLD series' excellent free-spool and lever drag system lets your quarry eat the bait unhindered. Engage the ratchet and overruns are a thing of the past as well.

All the TLDs feature one-piece graphite/titanium bodies, four A-RB bearings, stainless steel gears and main shaft, stainless steel reel foot, ball bearing titanium drags, and comfortable, easy-to-grasp power handles with torpedo knobs.

Model: TLD25

Retrieve Ratio: 3.6:1


Retrieve Per Crank (cm): 81.28

Max Drag (kg): 10

Max Drag Strike (kg): 8

Bearings: 4

Weight: 695

Capacity kg test: 14

Capacity metres: 548